The World of Web 2.0

Ive been thinking over web 2.0 in my head, and I want my hand in it to grow. Contributing to a blog is a unique experience, but there are a million other concepts that thrive off of user added content. Were gonna start web 3.0, where you download your wallpaper complete with video art into your walls designed and tweaked by a million nerds on the internet.
We add to the Internet, and no one seems to mind. Actually people like it. They like to download it, index it, search it, and no one complains. People even back me up with out me asking to. This site will now exist for as long as the Internet as we know it exists. No telling what comes after that, but every piece I write adds to the puzzle that were all trying to put together. We want our words to speak of our own lives, but we also want them to work in the context of the whole so that theyre accessible to more people. Then we find a way to make the puzzle work.