Western Medicine vs Functional Medicine

Yall. Ive got a great story to share with you today! A story full of hope, knowledge, care and trust. Before I get to that, I wanted to mention a couple points about last weeks post.

I received a lot of feedback after posting, and I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words. However, I want to make it clear that my intent in writing that post was not to fish for compliments. It was simply a way for me to fully express, out in the open, what I had been harboring inside of me for the past year. Being able to openly come to terms with my reality, or at the very least, express my reality, was a way for me to feel better, despite my current circumstance. I felt a lot of stress leave my body once I wrote the post, and I think this is a step towards acceptance.

I also was very surprised with the amount of people that reached out to me via phone, email, and Facebook, and told me how they felt the same way about themselves. This is both good, and bad. Its good for support, and knowing others are in the same boat as you. Its bad because there needs to be some sort of movement where women learn to be loving, and accepting of themselves and their looks/bodies/etc. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of women who compare themselves to others, and wish so hard to change how they look. The war on ourselves is very much alive, but hopefully it wont go on forever. So, to those who resonated with my last post, thank you. Im not alone in this, and neither are you.

Now for the good stuff! This is like striking gold! Basically, it is a list of doctors across the WORLD that practice functional medicine and adapt a Paleo lifestyle as a way to treat a myriad of ailments and autoimmune diseases without prescribing a bunch of pills to treat the symptoms patients may be experiencing. The doctors featured on the embrace an ancestral approach to medicine and wellness. You simply put in your city, state, and country, and view a list of participating doctors in your area. You can also view their profile where they give you some background information on their philosophy pertaining to health and medicine, and their specialties, as well. Although the doctors are not covered under insurance (at least in America- I dont know for the rest of the world), their rates are about the same, or even less than most copays! (Insurance companies dont want to cover a doctor who can heal people with food and other natural ways. They want to promote the pharmaceutical companies, etc. Its all such a huge scam!)

Over a year ago, I came across one of the doctors off the network, and saw that she was located fairly close to me- about twenty minutes away! Given my current circumstances, and advice given to me by my friend, I made an appointment with a doctor. When I made my appointment, the doctor and I talked for a bit on the phone about my story and the issues I was facing. I cannot begin to express how refreshing it was to be talking with a doctor that knew exactly where I was coming from! What a relief! I hung up the phone and eagerly awaited Thursday for my appointment.

When Thursday rolled around, I went to physical therapy, and then acupuncture. My acupuncturist knew about my doctor and gave her a great recommendation. That made me feel even better! About two weeks ago, I had a TON of blood work done so that I could have some numbers to bring to Christa at my appointment. 1pm finally rolled around and I entered her office. Immediately, when I walked in, I felt a calm, inviting energy. I filled out a little paperwork and then went into the examination room with the doctor. Right away, I felt at ease. She was so kind, and welcoming. I felt safe, and for the first time in a long time, I felt as if I was in the right place, under the right care.

The doctor asked me to tell her a bit about myself. I told her my full story of how I became Paleo, and what issues I faced prior to becoming Paleo. I also shared my presenting problems and some key events that influenced my current state. She listened intently and let me get it all out. This was totally validating. When Ive seen Western medicine doctors in the past, I always felt rushed, as if they didnt have a lot of time to spend with me (and Im assuming, other patients. I think I probably spent more time with the nurse than the actual physician!).

When I gave my doctor my extensive blood work, her ideas were consistent with my friend, and were endorsed by my blood work. This also made me feel supported, and happy that I was finally getting the treatment I needed. I felt validated because I knew that there were dysfunctions in my body, and finally I had a doctor confirming my suspicions. I had seen a Western medicine doctor throughout the year and she told me everything was fine, and that I was in good health. However, every fiber of my being disagreed and finally I was getting some answers!

Christa assessment included:

Thyroid dysfunction
Adrenal fatigue
PCOS/high testosterone/hormone imbalance

Further blood work I am scheduled for will confirm what is going on, but for now, there is some relief in knowing where the ailments are occurring. Additionally, my acupuncturist, has been treating my adrenals, and I am happy that my doctor assessment is aligned with treatment. Moreover, now I know the likely reasons for my fat gain and bad skin, etc. Although a concrete diagnosis is not necessary, I do feel more at ease knowing the potential cause of all these issues.

In my 2 hour and 45 minute initial appointment, my dcotor and I covered a lot of ground:

My story and background information
Blood work
New blood work tests/scripts
Full body realignment and adjustment
Coaching/counseling/holistic healing
Future plans for treatment

During my visit, I never once felt like I was seeing a doctor. I felt like I was visiting with a loving, caring friend. I was also blown away by how smart my doctor was. Seriously, she is the real deal! (and shes a rock climber! How cool?!) She is passionate about helping others, and this clearly shines through in her being. Her approach to health and wellness is the same as my principles, and I feel so blessed and thankful to have found someone like her to help me get healthy again. Like I said, I know Im in good hands now, and although the road to reaching my health and aesthetic goals will be long, and bumpy, at least Im not alone and have the trust and help of a doctor who truly cares and understands where I am coming from. This makes all the difference. I am beginning to feel hopeful that I can get better and end up where I want to be.

Oh, and the best part of all this? When I was leaving, I thanked her for everything, and she said, I feel like we should hug! Lets hug! And so we did (Everyone knows I love hugs!) I have never met a doctor that cared so much about me, and you know what else? Shes darn funny, too! Im so glad this was such an eye-opening, positive experience for me!

I will see her again in about two weeks, and will make sure to update my status. For anyone interested in seeking medical help from a physician that will look deep into your personal biochemistry and physiological state, I absolutely recommend using the network, and research to ensure that your own philosophy about health is aligned with your potential health care provider.