We Are Religion

Right now I feel an ominous sense of doom. This country is screwed, the world is screwed, were in for one hell of a century. Where to begin? Global warming is melting the ice-caps faster than anyone expected. Sea levels are going to rise fast. Were running out of oil and we dont have a good alternative to take its place. energy prices are rising and theyre only going to get worse, especially because of new demand from China. America is in an enormous amount of debt and we have no way of paying it off any time soon. The government is slowly but surely eliminating our civil liberties. There is a ton of animosity towards this country all over the world. And were in a quagmire in Iraq that wont end for a looong time.

So lets sum up: loosing the major source of energy, loosing a ton of land on which to live (due to rising sea levels), loosing our rights, loosing our economy, and being engaged in a perpetual war. Yes its easy for one to get depressed in the face of all this, I feel like I should encourage people to be optimistic, but right now I dont feel very optimistic. Then again, the only possible way to get ourselves out of any of these predicaments is to get off our lazy asses and do it ourselves. A good place to start is since getting people to stand up and do something is exactly what theyre all about. The world is in a bad place, we must do something about it!