The True Power of God

What is the power of God? What are Gods powers?
If Im in trouble, will God use his power to help me? Will he send down Jesus to die again for my sin? What if its past the son of Gods bedtime?
The word, which is supposedly straight from Gods mouth, was writen down my men and not Gods. The word, which created heaven and earth, was conceived and writen of by men. Perhaps they had a direct line to God to distinguish their own word from the word of God.
Can not I do something similar? Cant I communicate directly with God and write down what he says? Maybe when I think Im talking to God it is the devil is disguise, and so I shouldnt write down what I hear, but dont you think the authors of the Bible struggled with the same self doubt?
They knew what was true and what was false, because they used their human faculties to listen to and observe the world around them. They observed a force that could not be seen, but was there nonetheless. They labled this force God, and from then on forward anything that was unexplainable was labeled as an act of God.
The authors used their word to give power to the unknown, and today we do the same thing all the time. We notice freak coincidences, and we ascribe to them a higher purpose. That was meant to happen. Anyway, my point is that God is an abstract concept that did not exist before humans starting talking about it.
The power of God is not outside of us, it is inside us, created by us. We have the power too. We like to think that we dont, that we cant, that we shouldnt, but we must. If we ignore problems and label them as out of our control than all we are doing is diffusing our own responsibility.
Once we come to realization that we are Gods power, than we can start making the changes that we want to make instead of waiting around for some other force to make it happen. You are God, I am God, together we are God. Lets focus our power, lets do something right with our word.
If youre with me, consider joining the movement. Its fresh, its new, its a way to feel less damn empty all the time.