Top Entertainment Magazines of America

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry, primarily Hollywood, is one of America’s biggest exports to the world. Thus, it is only expected that the popularity of Hollywood and all its stars spawn a huge following which is sustained by countless entertainment magazines released regularly on to newsstands and bookstore shelves. This thriving industry requires no zoekmachine optimalisatie because there is little doubt that the voracious appetite of the consuming public will devour whatever gossip or news they will find on a daily basis.

As a consequence, there is now an arms race between and amongst entertainment magazines to be better than the next competing brand. This competitiveness is much more pronounced than competing serviced apartments London or real estate in New York. Here are the Top 5 entertainment magazines of America that own the lion’s share of the market and are established authorities in the field of gossip and entertainment news.

  • Entertainment Weekly. Owned and published by the Time Warner Company, EQ is one of the biggest paper entertainment outlets in the US. Its forte is entertainment media news and critical reviews of the latest releases. The intended market is more general than it is specific so it can afford a much broader circulation than competing publications. The popularity of EW means Time Warner does not need to write off debt for this business unit as it is guaranteed to turn in a profit week-in and week-out.
  • People. People magazine is also owned by Time Warner but its more specific demographic means it is less likely to maintain a commanding presence in the market. You could call it the south beach smoke of magazines since it’s only geared to people who maintain an interest in the personal stories and features of famous celebrities and personalities. People Magazine is actually known to go out of its way to avoid gossip stories as it sticks to proven and confirmed stories about celebrities as a marketing and branding strategy.
  • US Weekly. US Weekly is the recognized biggest competitor to EW and is owned by Wenner Media LLC. It distinguishes itself from the competition by publishing signature issues throughout the year to highlight specific events or stories of interest to the market. It is also poised to take advantage of the high interest in the American political scene by regularly putting politicians on its cover.
  • TV Guide. This is the entertainment magazine that needs little introduction. Americans love TV so it is only logical that there’s a magazine dedicated to listing TV shows. TV Guide also has its fair share of celebrity news and gossip but it primarily takes off of the need to provide a comprehensive resource for television viewing and there aren’t many competing brands on the market that cater to this niche.
  • Rolling Stone. The premier resource in terms of music and pop culture information, Rolling Stone remains to be one of the most respected entertainment publications in the US. It also has a keen eye for abhorrent trends and goes out of its way to launch a case in vendita for music releases that are shameful to the music industry. There is also no truth to the perception that Rolling Stone only caters to the rock scene as it has definitely evolved to now include all popular genre of American music.

There is no shortage of American entertainment magazines from which to get your fix of gossip, news, reviews, and information about your favorite celebrities. Grab one from the stands today!