The Power of One

The Human experience is the one unifying object that every person has in common.

The quality of everyones experience is no where near the same. The variety of experience is what gives rise to the vast differences we find between people in their views and accompanying actions.

But when it comes down to it the Human experience is the same. The only differing factor seems to be circumstantial differences in environment which give rise to thought unfamiliar to our own. So what does this idea lead us to? Where do we go with this idea that the basis of all thought is the same; that consciousness has an undeniable character to it that spans the whole of the human race? The whole of the universe perhaps.

Where does this enigma come from? What could possibly give rise to this absurd concept of a mind, a self aware object in a seemingly unaware system of rules?

Somewhere, deep in the heart of these rules there must be something (there must be because we have the undeniable proof that consciousness exists in our universe) that governs the rules of consciousness, something that allows the consciousness to exist and to act in the way that it does. Somewhere at the base of physics there lies the rules of consciousness, the thing that allows for certain portions of the universe to have a subjective experience of itself. And this thing is the thing of the universe.

In order for consciousness to exist at a large scale there must be something that is like consciousness, something that is the building block that allows for complex systems like our brains to act in the way that they do providing us with the unique view of the world that we have.

This fundamental building block. The seed of mind.

From this grows the most interesting phenomenon that has been discovered in the universe. Ourselves.

If consciousness is rooted in the physical there is no problem of Body and Mind. They are equal. Coexistant. Intertwined. Eternally married into the one object that governs both and all.

This is the essence of monism. The science of one. The next step in our spiritual development.