The End is Near

Right now I feel as though Im living in an empire thats about to fall. I think that everyone in this society is in severe denial over whats about to happen. I know that Im in denial when Im talking about the world situation and then I steer the conversation towards my favorite TV show or all the shit Im going to buy when Im older and rich.

I dont think our future will play out at all like it did for our parents. Im not sure what were in store for, but I sincerely doubt it will be anything like the affluent, stable, and peaceful future of American freedom weve all been promised. In fact, I think it may be the exact opposite of that. And its so interesting to watch the denial. We all just keep doing what weve always been doing, as if the shits not about to hit the fan, even though what were doing is partially the cause of our downfall and maybe, just maybe, its not too late to avert disaster.

But is is too late to avert disaster because our actions have momentum. Even with a conscious effort to change things, it will take too much time. Were in a luxury car, music blasting, doing drugs, laughing it up with our friends, heading straight for a cliff.