Where Does the Soul and Body Meet

Where does the physical start and the mind end?

I often find myself categorizing the the physical is somehow more real then whatever else there is. This whatever else, my perception for instance, is in reality the only thing that I can say is real as it is the only thing that I can truly grasp.

So there is this glaring question. What is this only real thing that I can grasp if it is not somehow physical? Where does reality stop and physicality begin if these things are in fact different?

It is often said that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. So if this is the case then doesnt it seem reasonable to say that everything is one thing. So which one is it? Do we live in a purely physical world, where everything is in fact a function of physical interactions or alternatively are we in a world where everything is a function of perception where this idea of perception is all that there is without what we deem a physical world.

Whichever way it is Im going to keep convincing myself that this coffee Im drinking is delicious no matter what my senses keep telling me.