Separation of Mind and Body

When is reason a better guide than the heart?
My heart is still with my someone I love, but my reason is telling me to separate myself from her. My heart wants all of her and my reason wants none of her. Nothing in between seems to work. A friendship only depresses me. Why should I limit my relationship with someone I love to a friendship?
Since we cannot be together, the other end of the spectrum is to cut myself off from her. Its really too bad that it has to be all or nothing, but I think it is the only way to avoid feeling shitty. It becomes all the worse because what I want affects her which comes back to affect me, so it becomes really hard to be completely honest and open without coming off as harsh and insensitive.
The real dilemma is that I dont want to cut myself off. I also dont want to be with her. I also dont want to be friends. Breaking up is hard to do!! Im stuck it a Catch 22. So what else is new on this blog?
Anyway life is good. Im on top in all other departments. I got 99 solutions but a bitch aint one.