Red Carpet Awards 2012

If you have missed most of the Red Carpet awards in 2012 and you would like to learn more about the big winners or the most spectacular dresses, you can either choose to visit website pages of each of these events, or you can check out these next few lines.

First, let us discuss the popular Academy Awards – the Oscar ceremony, which is, by far, the biggest runaway in the world. This year, Angelina Jolie didn’t surprise a lot of people by wearing a black velvet dress which reminded all of us of her passion for the Goth style. Her Versace dress had a really high slit which helped Jolie boldly pose several times during the ceremony, holding one hand on her hip and her right leg provokatly sticking out of her gown. A canvas foto could definitely be a remarkable gift for passionate Angelina Jolie fans. Jolie presented the best screenwriter award to Jim Rash.

Meryl Street wore a gorgeous gold frock and she won the best actress award. No loose diamonds could have matched the beauty of this amazing actress. Emma Stone wore a fuschia Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress and she had a huge bow at her neck. The outfit didn’t do much for Emma though, as she was probably trying to imitate Nicole Kidman’s outfit in 2007. The Artist won the award for the best movie, Jean Dujardin won the award for best actor, Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer won the awards for the best actor/actress in supporting role.

As for the 2012 Golden Globe winners, Homeland won the best drama award, Modern Family was the winner of the best comedy, Downtown Abbey won the award for the best miniseries/TV movie, Kelsey Grammer from Boss won the award for the best lead actor in a drama, while Claire Danes won the correspondent of that award for Homeland. You do not need to use any virtual phone service to learn that Matt LeBlanc won the best lead actor award for Episodes.

While you are doing some research for some cheap South Africa accommodation, you might also be interested to know that Kate Winslet won the award for the best lead actress for her role in Mildred Pierce. Jessica Lange from American Horror Story won the award for the best supporting actress in a TV Series, Miniseries or TV Movie, Peter Dinklage won the award for his Game of Throne role, The Descendants won the award for the best drama, The Artist won the award for the best comedy/musical film, Martin Scorsese won the best director award for Hugo, while George Clooney got his award for the best lead actor in a drama for The Descendants.