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Coming to the end of the game the master of Go sits silently. His opponent sits across form him waiting for the masters next move. The challenger is upright, his body positioned in anticipation of the placement of the next stone. His face is taught and stoic contrasting the old master’s face which has begun to show its age. They both stare at the board, locked in a battle within their own minds rarely expressed with each move loaded with the weight of the lengthy consideration that has come before. It has been 2 hours since the challenger last moved yet he has remained still; concentrated on the board as the master considers his next move. It has reached a critical point in the game, one mistake would undoubtedly lose the game for either party. The master’s shoulders slouch, he appears to be sinking into the ground, consumed by his move, the game and his old age. The master now appears to sink a little lower and would to an unknowing observer appear to have fallen asleep. Then suddenly the master lets out grunt and begins to shift. As sound fills the room it seems to fill the master as well, his shoulders come back and his back straightens and he reaches a papery hand toward his bowl of circular white stones. The master chooses one and holds it between the top of his pointer and middle finger as he has done since he first learned as a child. The stone arcs towards the board, the master’s move coming to fruition. TACK. The stone cracks on the board and echoes violently. The challenger’s eyes do not blink as the sound passes by his face but become more intense trying to look through the thin hand to the move below. The sound is startling being produced by so old a hand but as the papery hand is removed the true strength of the master is revealed.