So, as I sort-of brought to our collective attention the other day, and as we knew before, things are pretty insane. Also of note is the fact that the clocks are being changed FOUR weeks earlier than usual this year. I think thats quite a leap, huh? Proof that our calendar (interestingly enough known as the Gregorian) is pretty much out of synch with time. But you could come to that conclusion by paying attention simply to the weather.

Anyway, I think this all falls into the 2012 realm. Things are speeding up, and the closer we get to the center of the spiral, or the end of time, or whatever, the more history seems to recapitulate itself Look at our current political situation, and how it eerily mirrors MANY periods in history. They say history repeats, right? Well, I think thats right-on, more literally than I was brought up to perceive.

Ive been mulling all this over in my head, trying to figure out my connection to it all. I think much of whats happening is so grand in scale that we cant really concern ourselves with it without getting frustrated. Instead, it might be better to focus on yourself and that which is immediately surrounding you. I often feel very negative impulses when I come up against the big stuff, i.e. anything related to Bush and Co., the environment, or whatever else. When I think about the little picture, so to speak, I am moved to propagate optimism and positivity.

I think we should focus on energy, and raising energy levels inside ourselves and around us. This can be accomplished by having good intentions and treating yourself and others well. Write nice notes to people, or whatever comes naturally, just do it. Dont expect anything in return. Just know that you are raising the energy frequency in the field surrounding you.

2012 is coming, its less than six years away. The best thing we can do to prepare is raise our energy levels and frequencies. We are lucky enough to have found each other, and I dont think its any coincidence.

We must be pillars.

Remember when we linked arms in my barren living room in Tivoli? Remember when the lightning struck?