Overview of the Grammy’s

The fifty fourth annual Grammy awards was held recently, the biggest music awards held annually each year which awards artists of their performances, sales and albums.

This year a dark cloud hung over the proceedings as the host, rapped LL Cool J, spoke words about Whitney Houston, who had passed away unexpectedly only hours before the awards began. But as with show business, the show must go on so the awards continued in their normal fashion, maybe running slightly late as LL Cool J struggled to keep control of the time.

Twenty three year old British singer Adele walked away with six awards this year, this new singer really took the entire show by storm. She didn’t have to use cheat at scrabble to put great words and sounds into her songs, making her the new sensation of the evening.

When it comes to rock, the Foo Fighters are a household name and they proved they still have what it takes walking away with five Grammies this year. You don’t need a finance mba online degree to know these boys are making a fortune doing what they love to do.

Kanye West, a rap singer, came away with four awards including the Best Rap Performance award for her song with Jay-Z. This girl is like PPI Reclaims, she has taken control of the situation and walked away with the prize.

Chris Brown did his best when he took to the stage and by the time it finished he actually got a round of applause. This is one of his many comeback attempts after being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna. To everyone’s surprise he went on to win the Best R&B Album. It just goes to show that you don’t need a degree in finance or attend accounting schools to get ahead in life.

Best Pop Duo in Group Performance went to Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse. With the cloud hanging over the proceedings this award was to another fantastic singer, Amy Winehouse who also lost her life not too long ago.

These great artists achieve great success when they are presented with a Grammy, it’s the most prestigious music award that any artist can hope for. They don’t have an information technology degree or a master in education, they only have their singing and they are making a great success of it.

LL Cool J did a great job at hosting this year’s awards, the rap singer and actor did good work when he did his heart felt story on Whitney Houston and the loss that the music industry had just experienced.

But with the loss of a great there was a shimmer of excitement as the young British singer kept taking award after award. You can do a simple online search for the 54th Grammies and see the photographs for yourself, it’s the same as if you were to do a search for master of public administration, online family nurse practitioner programs or hersolution, and you will be welcomed with a wealth of information to keep you up to date.