Our Life’s DNA

Most of you probably already know this, but its good to be reminded of.

70% of our DNA exactly matches that of trees. And a staggering 99% with apes.

We all know that we are unique, but its funny how that can blind us from how similar we are to all things teran. For a while now Ive only thought of how I am like a tree in a spiritual way. Now it comes together that there is may be reasons behind our bond that can be explained without tapping the metaphysical. If it is possible to fully explain our connection to Earth using science as a tool, then how would we react to something truely foreign. If you were introduced to something humans dont fathom, would you have a connection to it in the same way you do to a tree, or is our connection to the tree simply chemical. Is there a connection between everything simply because they share the same universe? With stars as an exception, Ive never related to anything outside our solarsystem. Are we all really the same, or are we ignorant fools? We thought we were the center of the universe out of self love, are we to make the same mistake thinking that we are made up of the same things the rest of the universe is?