My New Home Away from Home

Ive been in my new town for just over a month now, and I thought it would be a good time to update my readers on what Ive been doing. And when I say my readers I really mean the three people who actually read this. Hi mom!

Ill start with crossfit. I have since finished my two weeks of on-ramp classes, and have been working with my trainer on a regimen that includes a lot of heavy lifting and occasional sprinting, four days a week. I am learning a lot, not just about fitness, but about myself. I am extremely dedicated, strong-willed, and hard working. I love pushing myself to my limits and seeing how much I can accomplish when I stop letting my head get in my way. Sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can do. I wont go into detail about what exactly I am doing in my regimen, but know that I am working my ass off, and am feeling better and stronger each and every day. That in itself is very exciting. I’m starting to notice muscles in new places and I cant seem to stop flexing (Seriously, its fun!). Its one thing to feel your results, but it is even better when you can see them, too! My inflammation issues have been getting better, although some days are worse than others. I find the human body utterly fascinating. You can mistreat it, or be sick for years, and when all the elements of diet and fitness align, it will bounce back. Pretty amazing stuff.

What else? I moved to Downtown!! If you recall from this post, I was living out of town and commuting six hours, round trip, to crossfit. This really sucked, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. Then something awesome happened, yall. A few weeks ago, I made a friend who offered me a place to stay that is in the heart of Portland, and only about an hour to the gym. How could I say no? I felt like I hit the jackpot. I still feel like I hit the jackpot. Thanks to my new friend, I am now living in a much less stressful environment, which will only benefit me and aid in my success. I am much, much happier here and the best part? There are no screaming children outside my window at all hours of the night. Winning! My melatonin and cortisol levels are especially thankful.

In order to ensure that I dont bore my three readers with lengthy descriptions of things I have done thus far, Ill make a list instead!

Walked over 3 of towns 8 bridges with Carn. It was a hot day, but nothing beats the breeze that hits you when you walk over water. Just ask Jesus.
Rode on the Tram. I wanted to do this last time I was here, but it never happened. Oh my goodness, the views are breath taking! Do you know how nuts it is to look out and see Mt. Hood? Its just gorgeous. All of it. I think the West coast might be easier on the eyes than the East coast. Sorry, Im not sorry, New York.


Soaked in a fountain on a hot day. This is what I call the pool. Its actually not as sketchy as it sounds, and the smell of chlorine immediately dismisses any sanitation fears you may have. Look, when its hot out, and there isnt any air conditioning, you have no idea how refreshing sitting in a fountain is! Some people make a whole day out of it and bring picnics and all that jazz. I just read and soak my feet. Either way, its always crowded with people just trying to cool off, and if youre lucky, you will get to see a dog wearing a bikini.
his is a strict Paleo cart, and I freaking love it! Chicken breaded with coconut flour and fried in beef tallow? UM, YES PLEASE. They have lots of tasty dishes to choose from, but nothing beats a Paleo version of chicken fingers. Eating here also alleviates some hassles of eating out and wondering things like: what sort of oil is my food cooked in? (especially if youve got some autoimmune and inflammation issues like I do), Is this gluten free? Yada yada. Everything on the menu is 100% Paleo and safe to eat! Nom nom. End of story.

My new friend and I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for the duration of my time here, so stay tuned. Its exciting!

Im surprised how comfortable I am here in Portland. I sometimes forget that New York is home and that Im so far from there. I guess thats a good thing. I cant wait to see whats in store for me for the rest of my time here. I cant say enough how extremely blessed I am to be here. Its damn near perfect.

Stay tuned and join me on my adventure!