Ok, interesting story. In 10th grade I was doing a math equation, and I got an incorrect answer. The answer I got was -1/21. Now for whatever reason, when I saw that number I liked it. I thought it was special for some reason, I didnt know why I just had a feeling. So Ive remembered it for all these years . Shoot ahead to the present, Im bored, so I decide to type 12/21/12 (december 21, 2012. if you dont know the significance of this datelook it up) into google. Well google has this feature now where if you type in an equation, it solves it for you. I had unwittingly done this, so I see the number 0.0476190476 and Im thinking this looks familiar. So I try typing in -1/21 and lo and behold it equals -0.0476190476. At this point my mind is throughly blown. I mean, I definitely knew nothing about all this mysticism shit back in 10th grade, I just felt something special about that number, and Ive been trying to figure out why for years. And now it just happens to be equal to a date that I hold sacred? Too weird. Any lingering doubts about the reality of that date are washed away for me.