Moving to a New City

I moved to Oregon yesterday, from New York. But its only temporary, for now, and I will return to my beloved New York at the end of the summer. Naturally, I get questions like, Why are you going to Oregon? What are you going to be doing out there this summer? Well, friends, here are my plans:

Most importantly, I am here to get healthier and train. My Paleo coach and friend has offered to help me reach peak health and get strong. He has been awesome and has coached me for the last two years of my Paleo journey. During spring break of this year, I came to Portland to visit my crazy, beautiful best friend, and while here, I went to his gym. His exact words were, If you lived here, I would transform you and make you into a beast. So, Here I am! BAM!

For once in my life, I am embracing being single. I mean, really embracing it! Im not anti-relationships, at all. In fact, I want one very much. But, it hasnt happened and I am not going to go looking for it. Instead, I am going to kick ass as a party of one! I just relocated across the United States because I wanted to. I like having complete freedom and being a little bird that can fly wherever she wants to go. I like spontaneous traveling and I enjoy not consulting anyone about it. Of course, you can do all these things while in a relationship, but this is a time for self-love, growing, learning, and being as comfortable with myself as possible. I imagine, one day, when I have settled into a marriage and all that adult stuff (mortagage? yuck), I will look back at this time and be happy I took advantage of the opportunities that were in front of me. Besides, its like that Beck song, True love will find you in the end. Or something like that.

Pacific Ocean

To experience a new place! Last year, I lived in Austin, Texas. I really loved that city- it was creative and artsy, and heavily music centered. I learned while living there that Portland is Austins sister city. So it was no surprise to me when I was here for spring break, that I fell in love with it. Portland is perfect for so many reasons. The Pacific ocean is an hour away, and the mountains are in your backyard. Then, there is the city, which doesnt feel like a city, especially when coming from a place like Manhattan. There are tons of cute shops, local farmers markets, a great metro system, awesome restaurants (more on that later!), and a small city feel! The people are quirky and friendly. Whats not to love? For me, the selling point was: There is no humidity. Seriously. Im coming from New York, where summers feel like soup. Soup. But doesnt it like, rain there, like every day? No. It doesnt. Im looking at my phone for the forecast for the rest of the week. Basically, everyday is sunny with a high of 80-85. Night temperatures 55-60. Amazing.

This is merely a perk of being here. A HUGE perk. My best friend, is currently living in Portland. Yall dont understand. When she and I are together, its pure madness. But amazing madness. Like, this one New Years Eve party, when we were sixteen, she dared me to drink out of the toilet. And then I dared her to drink salsa, dr. pepper, mustard, and ketchup. Maybe that was me, too. I dont remember- were old now. REGARDLESS, we are nuts when we are together. And good thing nuts are Paleo! Shes loud, beautiful, and most likely can be found with a gluten free lemon loaf in hand. Shes my high school sweet heart best friend and shes pretty cool.