Make Your Thanksgiving Paleo

I dont know about you, but Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. Aside from spending time with loved ones, and seeing some family members that I dont get to see very often, its just a darn cozy time of year that tips off the holiday season! Kitchens constantly smell like deliciousness, theres always a fire roaring in the fireplace, tons of nutritious foods in vibrant colors, and I get to wear elastic waist pants to the dinner table. What more could you want?

If youre new to the Paleo lifestyle, your first dose of the holidays can be a bit scary. What Paleo friendly options do I have? How will I accommodate everyones dietary restrictions? What if I fall off the wagon? How do I stay Paleo throughout the holidays? These are all valid questions and concerns. Dont stress! Ive been there, trust me. Dont worry, Ill teach you how to have a successful holiday season, and stay on point, both with your eating, and with your thoughts, and offer some recipe ideas also!

If you dont know who my friend is, you should. Shes pretty badass.

My super simple guide to surviving the Holidays:

1. Go about your life as usual. Eat how you usually eat. Exercise how you normally exercise. Sleep how you normally sleep.
2. On the Holidays, celebrate with your loved ones. Enjoy the food that has been lovingly prepared, without guilt or shame. Eat what you want, and savor it.

The end.

This basically sums it up. The holidays are a special time of year, but that doesnt equate to being reckless. If you are though, be accountable, deal with it, and move on. No use in harping over some things you ate that werent necessarily Paleo, or the best choices. You ate it, it might even make you feel sick, but move on. It would be more damaging to pick apart every decision you made that was less than desirable.

Another thing. Anyone that knows youre following a Paleo lifestyle will wonder what the heck you eat! You know, because Paleo food is totally weird. Lets break it down: typically a Thanksgiving meal has a turkey (animals), and lots of sides of vegetables (plants). That sounds pretty Paleo, and, (gasp!) normal to me! So if someone says, But what will you eat?, try not to punch him/her and simply say youre going to eat all that good stuff! If someone offers you bread, or pie, thats your call. If youre determined to stay strict throughout the holiday season, awesome! If people bug you and pester you about why you arent eating Grandmas bread that she made just for you, all you have to do is say, I feel better when I dont eat that. Or, if your family is drunk enough, a simple, No, thank you will probably suffice. Just be sure to start the boozing early. This is a joke.

In part II of this series, I will share some of my favorite Thanksgiving and holiday recipes. Hopefully that will give you a head start and give you some ideas to get your creative spirit engaged in the kitchen!