Losing Sight

After you first lose sight of your goals there is uncertain amount of time before they come back to you.
There are a couple of different ways to reflect on this.
At first thought, I felt undisciplined because it was not a high priority of mine to keep a constant awareness of my goals, but soon there after I realized that my reflections were not correctly focused. The time of awareness of goals is not as important as the time in between the awareness of them. You cant achieve goals while concentrating on prioritizing your goals. It is the time in between that is worth reflecting on because it is a more accurate judge of hoe you actually live your life.
It is something when you achieve your goals without the conscious awareness of them.
The cycle that my life is attuned to left Id say 2 weeks inbetween the last time I was hyper aware of my goals and the time of this post. In that time, I have lived closer to my ideal than ever before. Far from perfect, but it leaves plenty to work on during my next cycle. And the best part about it is that I dont even have to do anything. I just have to live my life and hope that my training has been and will be positive.
Some times are meant for reflection, some are meant to plan for the future, but most are to be lived in the present. I gotta say, all three are pretty damned neat.