Keep Reminding Myself

There are many people who practice something called positive affirmation. This entails repeatedly writing down sentences meant to reinforce positive self image, productivity, and future goal achievement. An example of a positive affirmation might be: I will get a 94 on my history test. If the individual writes this sentence enough times in a concentrated, almost meditative manner, he or she is in my opinion very likely to get a 94, or at least a satisfyingly good grade on the test. Of course, without studying this would not work.

The application of Will is worth experimenting with, for sure. I have spent a lot of time playing with positive affirmation, even to the extent of using what is called Chaos or Pop Magick. My feelings about the subject are in no way solid. However, I have learned the importance of the reminder. In the more recent years of my life, the brain change that I have experienced has led to much greater self awareness, and along the path there have been many points and lessons that I try to keep present in my mind. This is very difficult most of the time, it being very easy to get distracted. It is therefore important to maintain some set of reminders, ones that can easily be brought to the individuals attention, that trigger memory of specific truths or even emotions, ones that you choose and prefer to keep close to the surface.

I think it would be sad in many ways to have to wake up in the morning and write down repeatedly a list that becomes the method for feeling good about yourself or getting things done. At the same time, however, there is definitely value in keeping certain thoughts present.

Here are the things that I must keep reminding myself of:

-Stay to the middle, avoid dogmatic thinking.
-Perception is the interaction between myself and what I am perceiving. I most often cannot apprehend the majority of the simultaneous processes involved in that interaction, so what I abstract from experience has largely to do with the way I subconsciously apply past experience to the present.
-I write the script of my life, and I choose to write a winner script.
-Embrace not knowing, live as much as possible in the flow of things.
-I often feel the need to make drastic changes in my life, involving relationships and routines. I think in the moment that this feeling is because of my surroundings, the people I am with, etc, but it is ultimately because of my own head. Problems that appear to be in the outside world are really conflicts within. Cleansing the doors of perception, as Blake said, is a good way to gain perspective on this.
-Everything that happens to me and everything that I do is the playing out of myself as a microcosm of the universe.

I keep these thoughts and others present as often in my day as I can, and I do so without having to practice writing down affirmations. Lately I have been experimenting with the use of sigils as reminders and as ways of focusing energy and attention to those thoughts, gaining a better grasp on them.

Some sigils would make great tattoos