Does Justice Really Exist?

Is the universe justified?

According to most theology the world is only justified if it is seen as right in the eyes of God.

But what if the universe is inherently justified in itself? How then could we say that certain things in a justified universe were un-just? Can certain objects of a unified good whole be bad? no they must all have equal weight in the whole since the whole cannot exist without them. And since the whole is justified then nothing contained within the whole can be distinguished as un-just.

So how can the universe be justified?

It seems that things that happen within the world are unjustified, evil BAD. So since these things exist cant we conclude that the universe is inherently unjustified? and that as a cause everything within the universe is unjustified? So then why does the universe exist?

It seems that a universe that has no justification should have no reason to exist.

These are all interesting problems that God easily solves. This is why many people perceive God as too easy an answer and dismiss the idea of theology. Ill even admit to doing this myself but only because I like asking these questions too much. And believing in God obviously doesnt allow you to ask these questions Because God hates people who think and rains down justice on those who try.