Its Time for the Truth

You know, one of the first things that was changed in Iraq after Saddams regime was toppled was the currency. Saddams image and other symbols were removed from all forms of legal tender. Then, after that was done, they started putting together a new government. The money had new symbols and faces on it, Im not specifically sure which or whos, respectively.

Take a look at a dollar bill. Yeah, I know youve done this before. But think about how more often than not, by far in fact, people simple see the dollar bill, the images and symbols, without being conscious of what they see, again and again, day in, day out. Anything our nervous systems percieve, in any form of signal, becomes integrated in some way to the nervous system itself.

All Im saying is, wouldnt it be nice if our money looked less cryptic, or if the faces of the people on the money werent all slave owners and freemasons? What if the twenty was changed to a portrait of kermit the frog? Wouldnt that be nicer than Andrew Jackson? Didnt he kill a ton of Seminole indians? Kermit wasnt even real. Never caused any harm to anyone. Plus, hes green, so hed be perfect. Im kidding, but seriously, our minds are the battlefield, you have got to remember that.

Its time for us to wake up and face our subconscious, collectively. Weve been played like guitar strings for a long time, and theres a lot of crap in the attic by now. It is time to dig up those bones and take a good hard look at them, because they are ours.

The honest book of truth isnt dead yet. It was sleeping. Wake the fuck up!