Is there more?

I wonder, I dream, I believe that anything is possible. I always have. But our society robs people of imagination, it tells them to disregard it because those are just silly thoughtslet the experts take care of things. Not that Im trying to put the blame on something besides the people themselves; we created and we sustain our society. Were all guilty of it. Its because were afraid. We leave the big decisions to someone else. Of course when you let a small group of people make decisions for all the others they will abuse that power. What we need is true freedom, but in order to make that workable we need to be mature and responsible, and we need to be able to detach ourselves from our emotions in order to make wise decisions. Dont you ever wonder if theres not more to life? I see beauty and mystery everywhere I look, but instead of cultivating that beauty and investigating that mystery we ignore it and twist it to work for us. We must conquer fear for fear is what enables others to control us. You must enslave yourself before others can enslave you. But most people think they prefer their chains; that is a fallacy. Freedom is as wonderful as it is frightening. Its the most beautiful thing there is and it should be cherished. Instead we all give our silent consent to a system that is alienating, enslaving, and killing us, as well as our great mother Earth.