How Does Paleo Work?

Since the beginning of my Paleo journey, the way I eat has been a popular topic of discussion amongst family, friends, colleagues, basically anyone Ive come in contact with. You know, because ordering a bun-less burger with broccoli instead of fries is just so darn baffling! People have reached out asking for my help in transforming their bodies and health by implementing a Paleo lifestyle. If you know anything about me, you know I love to help others. So, for those of you interested in Paleo, this blog post is dedicated to you, and I am about to outline everything you need to know to get started. Trust me, I know this is a big step in the right direction for you, your health, and well-being. So lets get down to it!

What the heck is Paleo?

The site states that Paleo is, the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic!

So what does all that mean? I dont want to give away all the good stuff, so I thought I would make up a list of resources for your viewing pleasure. Research is good for your brain. And researching Paleo will also be good for your waistline and triglycerides. Get ready to toss your Lipitor. Here we go!

What is Paleo?

I always recommend literature to people interested in Paleo. I am more than willing to go over the specifics, but I want you to go out there and research for yourself. Dont just take my word for it. Take your thoughts and questions to the books/websites/forums/journal articles/podcasts and watch the answers pop up right before your eyes! Plus, this gives you the opportunity to learn it on your own without solely relying on someone elses answers.

Ill start with books. Take the initiative with these amazing reads!

This is first on my list because it covers everything and Mark wrote the book to appeal to anyone, at any health and fitness level, at any age. Not only does Mark explain the in and outs of Paleo in an easy, understandable way, he also helps you understand the science behind all of it. There is also a 21 day jump start menu for meals, which will make your transition a hell of a lot easier! There are many reasons to purchase this book. One of them is so you can look at the most gorgeous couple in history on the back cover. The book also incorporates the tools you will need to succeed, and without getting overly science-y, they explain why certain foods do not follow good criteria guidelines that promote peak health. They also explore 9 areas where living optimally through health, fitness, and lifestyle is achieved (Hence the name). This guy is the real deal. Hes a super nerdy-nerd biochemist with an amazing story of how he came to be Paleo. His book is hard reading because it is very science based. However, he throws jokes in there from time to time and if an opera singer can follow his book, you can too. I enjoy all the nerdy nerd stuff anyway! I have yet to read this one, but it is on my list. This would also be a good place to start. Go read it and tell me about it!

I would also recommend getting on Facebook and liking the pages I linked with the aforementioned books and authors. Also check out their blogs, which are also linked!

A big part of Paleo is cooking, so it would only be fair that I set you up with some great cookbooks! I dont want to list all of the Paleo cookbooks that exist and overwhelm you, so here are a couple to get you started.

My first recommendation is for the entire Everyday Paleo series. Check it out

Actually, thanks to my dear friend (and nerdy blog-helping sidekick),James, I was fortunate enough to hang out with her back on day 2 of my journey and talk about my transition, her story, what to expectthe list goes on. I am very fortunate for that meeting, and it definitely solidified my decision to go Paleo. Her books also give background information into what Paleo is but more so, they are cookbooks, and damn good ones at that! Her recipes are easy to make, and super tasty. She also teaches you about what foods should always be stocked in your fridge and pantry, and she gives meal plan suggestions, as well!

This cookbook has some serious delicious recipes in it. One of my favorites! Plus, I love the format of the book. The cool part is that for every recipe, she gives a bunch of modifications on how you could cook it differently with varying ingredients to switch up the flavor. Like they always say, variety is the spice of life. Im sure theres a pun in there somewhere. Stay tuned for another onecoming out in October. You can pre order it here.

Now, I have something to ask you. When people ask for my help, I ask them two questions:

Why Paleo?
What are your health and fitness goals?

These are important questions to address when wanting to make a lifestyle change. If a girl answers the questions with something along the lines of, Um, so I can like, fit into this new dress by like Friday night, I would say she is wasting her time. Paleo is not a diet. Paleo is not a trick. Paleo is not a quick fix. I cannot stress the importance of having the right perspective when it comes to your health. Have your heart and head in the right place and the rest will follow. I promise.

Ive intentionally been pretty vague about the whole Paleo thing. I did this on purpose. Did my plan work? Do you have questions? Now that youre all set with resources, do some research, and then when you have more questions and concerns, please, ask away. I just think it is better to get a head start and really do the work educating yourself. As most people know, Im a huge proponent of education. When you have questions, seek out your answers!

Are yall so curious now that youll go check out all 3,489,374 links I listed for you? Yeah? Good, get going!

Stay tuned and join me on my adventure!