Hollywood Stars And Celebrities: Still Human

Is it any wonder that we obsess over A-list actors and actresses and the latest buzz about the latest pop-stars? They are people we watch, adore, and idolize, whether on the big screen or on the lit stage. People are curious about their personal lives and how they manage fame and fortune, and not to mention family. When these public figures start popping out children, the paparazzis come snapping away as the media waits for the scoop. A breakout star can be nominated for a Golden Globe award in just their first season, while they can just as easily fall down the ladder when the movie reviews come out. We watch their every move, waiting for their next project or public statement.

Most people in Hollywood are beautiful, and are further made beautiful by extensive beauty regimens, work-outs with personal trainers, hours of heavy hair and make-up, and of course the magic of Photoshop. In the magazines, we’ll read of our favorite singer using tomatoes and honey for their face, or your favorite TV star’s secret of using coconut for hair products. There are various ways to get the same kind glow, or so they say. Even the hot topics in education are sometimes trending because a certain actor chose home schooling or a certain and specific kind of education. While you spend your vacation upstate, you’ll read about celebrities vacationing in exotic locations in all the different continents. While you consider a payday loan some of them are buying expensive cars for their significant other’s birthday (who is mostly likely also a celebrity.) You might fantasize about living a lifestyle of the rich and famous; and I know it’s cliché, but in the end they are just like you and I: humans. They get sick, they get fevers, back pain, allergies, diarrhea, and the list goes on. Not to mention, a lot of celebrities tend to spend for more—just imagine all the people they need working for them: agents, publicists, a car accident lawyer, a divorce lawyer, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and again, the list goes on. A lot of them are advocating the respect to privacy, while some (usually 15-minute of fame celebrities) actually enjoy the tabloid attention. If it were not for us readers, there would be no demand, and there would be no more invasions of privacy, scandals, drama, and the like. If we could only focus on their works, their contribution to their respective fields, then we wouldn’t have so many of these issues regarding the culture we have to day in regards to famous people. We tend to forget that they too have bad days, parents to answer to, and friends who stab their backs or use them (probably more than the average person). And often, it’s hard to tell in the beginning if a new face in the media will do wonders on the screen, or if they are just there for a shot in the spotlight. And after all the media attention and scrutiny, you have to ask yourself if you would really rather be them.