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Here we go

I havent even watched the state of the union. You know why? Because I already know what state the union is in- FUCKED. If Gore, who won the majority of votes, was elected, shit would definitely be much better. Oh well. Hopefully within the next six years Ill find my way out of this country if it doesnt turn itself around. Otherwise were going to see some real suffering, mega-depression style. No one will be safe. Not even if your stock market shit is in order. At this rate, not only will we be poor as fuck and unable to live anywhere remotely desireable, but our kids will REALLY be fucked.

What is there to do? Well, heres my solution, and I got it from an anti-drug campaign:

Buy drugs! The money you spend on them goes straigt to terrorists! And you know what terrorists are trying to do, right? Fuck shit up. I want to fuck shit up too, and Im gonna do it by getting fucked up.

America – Fuck Yeah.