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  • admin 7:04 am on August 3, 2015 Permalink  

    The World is Waking Up 

    The information age.

    Whats next?

    When we try to look into the eye of the future how do we realize what we see?

    Do we realize the future because we imagine what it will be?

    So whats coming?

    If you think about it you already know.

    You just have to realize what you are imagining and turn it into reality.

    The future exist because we have the ability to create it.


    How do we realize ourselves?

    How do WE realize the future together?

    This is the way our world ends, and how the future begins.

    The age of enhanced intelligence.

    More to come.

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    We Are Religion 

    Right now I feel an ominous sense of doom. This country is screwed, the world is screwed, were in for one hell of a century. Where to begin? Global warming is melting the ice-caps faster than anyone expected. Sea levels are going to rise fast. Were running out of oil and we dont have a good alternative to take its place. energy prices are rising and theyre only going to get worse, especially because of new demand from China. America is in an enormous amount of debt and we have no way of paying it off any time soon. The government is slowly but surely eliminating our civil liberties. There is a ton of animosity towards this country all over the world. And were in a quagmire in Iraq that wont end for a looong time.

    So lets sum up: loosing the major source of energy, loosing a ton of land on which to live (due to rising sea levels), loosing our rights, loosing our economy, and being engaged in a perpetual war. Yes its easy for one to get depressed in the face of all this, I feel like I should encourage people to be optimistic, but right now I dont feel very optimistic. Then again, the only possible way to get ourselves out of any of these predicaments is to get off our lazy asses and do it ourselves. A good place to start is since getting people to stand up and do something is exactly what theyre all about. The world is in a bad place, we must do something about it!

  • admin 6:48 am on April 19, 2015 Permalink  

    The World of Web 2.0 

    Ive been thinking over web 2.0 in my head, and I want my hand in it to grow. Contributing to a blog is a unique experience, but there are a million other concepts that thrive off of user added content. Were gonna start web 3.0, where you download your wallpaper complete with video art into your walls designed and tweaked by a million nerds on the internet.
    We add to the Internet, and no one seems to mind. Actually people like it. They like to download it, index it, search it, and no one complains. People even back me up with out me asking to. This site will now exist for as long as the Internet as we know it exists. No telling what comes after that, but every piece I write adds to the puzzle that were all trying to put together. We want our words to speak of our own lives, but we also want them to work in the context of the whole so that theyre accessible to more people. Then we find a way to make the puzzle work.

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    The Power of One 

    The Human experience is the one unifying object that every person has in common.

    The quality of everyones experience is no where near the same. The variety of experience is what gives rise to the vast differences we find between people in their views and accompanying actions.

    But when it comes down to it the Human experience is the same. The only differing factor seems to be circumstantial differences in environment which give rise to thought unfamiliar to our own. So what does this idea lead us to? Where do we go with this idea that the basis of all thought is the same; that consciousness has an undeniable character to it that spans the whole of the human race? The whole of the universe perhaps.

    Where does this enigma come from? What could possibly give rise to this absurd concept of a mind, a self aware object in a seemingly unaware system of rules?

    Somewhere, deep in the heart of these rules there must be something (there must be because we have the undeniable proof that consciousness exists in our universe) that governs the rules of consciousness, something that allows the consciousness to exist and to act in the way that it does. Somewhere at the base of physics there lies the rules of consciousness, the thing that allows for certain portions of the universe to have a subjective experience of itself. And this thing is the thing of the universe.

    In order for consciousness to exist at a large scale there must be something that is like consciousness, something that is the building block that allows for complex systems like our brains to act in the way that they do providing us with the unique view of the world that we have.

    This fundamental building block. The seed of mind.

    From this grows the most interesting phenomenon that has been discovered in the universe. Ourselves.

    If consciousness is rooted in the physical there is no problem of Body and Mind. They are equal. Coexistant. Intertwined. Eternally married into the one object that governs both and all.

    This is the essence of monism. The science of one. The next step in our spiritual development.

  • admin 6:43 am on March 2, 2015 Permalink  


    There are two exclusive possibilities at this point:

    1) stay with girl. have dependable relationship. have love when it cannot be found anywhere else. remain closed off to other possibilities.

    2) break up with girl. enter uncertain world of greater possibilities. open myself up more to the school that I am attending.

    i went back and forth on this for a long time, then finally settled into being comfortable in the relationship. however, the thought came up again yesterday while we were together. I havent been able to shake it.

    is the fact that I am still going back and forth enough to make change happen?

    I like the comfort that this relationship provides, but when I think about the future in any regard, I get scared about the possibility of still being in this position, not having let things change with time.

    What is the taoist approach to this? Ive been trying to decide.


    I think I have decided what the taoist approach is, and I agree with it. The answer is to practice not doing, to be patient, like eternity, and allow events to take their course. I must remember these things! I think its funny upon reflection that I continually go in and out of accordance with the Tao. I think I do it subconsciously, just so that I can be satisfied again and again by the wisdom of the Tao. It replenishes me, I forget about it or am distracted from it, then I use it to get myself out of depression and angst. It works every time.

  • admin 6:50 am on February 27, 2015 Permalink  

    Existence vs Reality 

    There exist two opposing states: existence, in all of its unlimited possibility; and nothingness. All of existence comes from the nothingness.

    In our struggle to come to terms with our own existence and that which exists in context, we can easily see our observations, emotions and the day to day occurrences themselves as having some greater meaning, fitting into some pre-existing patchwork explaining everything. Many people find this meaning in religious teachings, and many other people piece together a meaning of their own from an ever expanding and increasingly easy to access collection of human knowledge (the internet, books, etc).

    What makes us Human and different from other animals is the written and spoken language, which allows us to communicate to each other, among other things, these far reaching and personally significant meanings in and of life. Part of that requires these meanings and statements of value, retellings of experience or emotions to take on greater significance and weight, thus having the effect of making the words themselves more real than the existence or experience itself. This is the point at which peoples words effect each other very easily, when language used triggers memories and seeming relevencies that allow the listener or reader to feel a shared sense of whatever is being described. What many people do not keep in mind is that the words used are not the experience, nor are they the existence.

    When we observe the outside world, we look for what we can recognize or make sense of. By contrast, what we cannot recognize or make sense of can hardly be observed at all in that we do not possess he experiences that would allow for the recognition of significance to occur. Thus, when new things happen (as they do every day), it is decidedly easier to attribute them to an imagined pattern or see them as part of a series of events. This is not incorrect, it is a part of what makes us and allows us to be human. But the recognition of the pattern is an act of creation out of nothingness, just like the use of language to describe meaning.

    This can be likened to the drawing of complex patterns or geometric structures on graph paper. What exists is the graph paper, and on it we impose patterns that we see. By seeing the pattern, and especially by drawing it, we are participating in the act of creation by pulling something out of the nothingness. Infinite possibilities of patterns or non-patterns can be imposed upon a sheet of graph paper, but ultimately what exists is the grid and the imagination that sees designs in the grid, connecting the dots and lines as a mirror like expression of itself.

  • admin 7:06 am on February 21, 2015 Permalink  

    Is there more? 

    I wonder, I dream, I believe that anything is possible. I always have. But our society robs people of imagination, it tells them to disregard it because those are just silly thoughtslet the experts take care of things. Not that Im trying to put the blame on something besides the people themselves; we created and we sustain our society. Were all guilty of it. Its because were afraid. We leave the big decisions to someone else. Of course when you let a small group of people make decisions for all the others they will abuse that power. What we need is true freedom, but in order to make that workable we need to be mature and responsible, and we need to be able to detach ourselves from our emotions in order to make wise decisions. Dont you ever wonder if theres not more to life? I see beauty and mystery everywhere I look, but instead of cultivating that beauty and investigating that mystery we ignore it and twist it to work for us. We must conquer fear for fear is what enables others to control us. You must enslave yourself before others can enslave you. But most people think they prefer their chains; that is a fallacy. Freedom is as wonderful as it is frightening. Its the most beautiful thing there is and it should be cherished. Instead we all give our silent consent to a system that is alienating, enslaving, and killing us, as well as our great mother Earth.

  • admin 6:42 am on February 3, 2015 Permalink  

    Does Justice Really Exist? 

    Is the universe justified?

    According to most theology the world is only justified if it is seen as right in the eyes of God.

    But what if the universe is inherently justified in itself? How then could we say that certain things in a justified universe were un-just? Can certain objects of a unified good whole be bad? no they must all have equal weight in the whole since the whole cannot exist without them. And since the whole is justified then nothing contained within the whole can be distinguished as un-just.

    So how can the universe be justified?

    It seems that things that happen within the world are unjustified, evil BAD. So since these things exist cant we conclude that the universe is inherently unjustified? and that as a cause everything within the universe is unjustified? So then why does the universe exist?

    It seems that a universe that has no justification should have no reason to exist.

    These are all interesting problems that God easily solves. This is why many people perceive God as too easy an answer and dismiss the idea of theology. Ill even admit to doing this myself but only because I like asking these questions too much. And believing in God obviously doesnt allow you to ask these questions Because God hates people who think and rains down justice on those who try.

  • admin 6:40 am on November 23, 2014 Permalink  

    Separation of Mind and Body 

    When is reason a better guide than the heart?
    My heart is still with my someone I love, but my reason is telling me to separate myself from her. My heart wants all of her and my reason wants none of her. Nothing in between seems to work. A friendship only depresses me. Why should I limit my relationship with someone I love to a friendship?
    Since we cannot be together, the other end of the spectrum is to cut myself off from her. Its really too bad that it has to be all or nothing, but I think it is the only way to avoid feeling shitty. It becomes all the worse because what I want affects her which comes back to affect me, so it becomes really hard to be completely honest and open without coming off as harsh and insensitive.
    The real dilemma is that I dont want to cut myself off. I also dont want to be with her. I also dont want to be friends. Breaking up is hard to do!! Im stuck it a Catch 22. So what else is new on this blog?
    Anyway life is good. Im on top in all other departments. I got 99 solutions but a bitch aint one.

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    Keep Reminding Myself 

    There are many people who practice something called positive affirmation. This entails repeatedly writing down sentences meant to reinforce positive self image, productivity, and future goal achievement. An example of a positive affirmation might be: I will get a 94 on my history test. If the individual writes this sentence enough times in a concentrated, almost meditative manner, he or she is in my opinion very likely to get a 94, or at least a satisfyingly good grade on the test. Of course, without studying this would not work.

    The application of Will is worth experimenting with, for sure. I have spent a lot of time playing with positive affirmation, even to the extent of using what is called Chaos or Pop Magick. My feelings about the subject are in no way solid. However, I have learned the importance of the reminder. In the more recent years of my life, the brain change that I have experienced has led to much greater self awareness, and along the path there have been many points and lessons that I try to keep present in my mind. This is very difficult most of the time, it being very easy to get distracted. It is therefore important to maintain some set of reminders, ones that can easily be brought to the individuals attention, that trigger memory of specific truths or even emotions, ones that you choose and prefer to keep close to the surface.

    I think it would be sad in many ways to have to wake up in the morning and write down repeatedly a list that becomes the method for feeling good about yourself or getting things done. At the same time, however, there is definitely value in keeping certain thoughts present.

    Here are the things that I must keep reminding myself of:

    -Stay to the middle, avoid dogmatic thinking.
    -Perception is the interaction between myself and what I am perceiving. I most often cannot apprehend the majority of the simultaneous processes involved in that interaction, so what I abstract from experience has largely to do with the way I subconsciously apply past experience to the present.
    -I write the script of my life, and I choose to write a winner script.
    -Embrace not knowing, live as much as possible in the flow of things.
    -I often feel the need to make drastic changes in my life, involving relationships and routines. I think in the moment that this feeling is because of my surroundings, the people I am with, etc, but it is ultimately because of my own head. Problems that appear to be in the outside world are really conflicts within. Cleansing the doors of perception, as Blake said, is a good way to gain perspective on this.
    -Everything that happens to me and everything that I do is the playing out of myself as a microcosm of the universe.

    I keep these thoughts and others present as often in my day as I can, and I do so without having to practice writing down affirmations. Lately I have been experimenting with the use of sigils as reminders and as ways of focusing energy and attention to those thoughts, gaining a better grasp on them.

    Some sigils would make great tattoos

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