Most Popular Hollywood Celebrities

Look up the definition of “popular” in the dictionary and it’s not a far-fetched idea to think that you’ll find a Hollywood celebrity’s picture or two next to that word. As far as popularity goes, few can rival the worldwide recognition that Hollywood celebrities command. These personalities treat themselves as brand icons, giving everyday consumer goods like coconut oil for hair a run for its money in the context or recognition and name recall.

Here are some celebrities that are arguably the most popular in Hollywood. See if you recognize some of these names (duh) and how they came from humble beginnings, only to rise through the ranks to become the best and more popular after the work that they have done on and off of the movie screen.

Tom Hanks. Hanks is one of the most recognizable personalities in Hollywood mainly for his roles in popular movies like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, You’ve Got Mail, Catch Me If You Can, and the Da Vinci Code among others. According to Hollywood data, Hanks’ movies have grossed over $8.5 billion worldwide making him the highest all-time box office star. If you know Tom Hanks, then you don’t need a tarot card to see through that one.
Adam Sandler. Like Tom Hanks, funny man Adam Sandler has made a living out of making comedies that appeal to the masses. His classic movies like Waterboy and Happy Gilmore are still favorites up to today. He may not be as decorated as Tom Hanks in terms of awards but he is one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors in recent years. You certainly do not need accredited nurse practitioner schools to teach about him in the classroom because many get acquainted with his comedy long before they make it to nursing school.
Tom Cruise. Few, if any, do not know Mr. Cruise. He is a polarizing figure, partly because of his affiliation with Scientology, but his good-boy looks and wide array of performances in various movies make up for it to a significant degree. Some of his most popular movies include Top Gun, the Mission Impossible movies, Vanilla Sky, and many others.
Angelina Jolie. It’s tempting to lump Jolie and famous husband Brad Pitt together but the truth is that Jolie has a more solid following than Mr. Pitt. Known for her wild side in the early 2000s, Jolie has transformed her image becoming a UN ambassador and visiting many impoverished countries around the world. You may also need a personal injury attorney if you fall on Jolie’s bad side after she displayed an uncanny appeal for action movies like those in the Tomb Raider movies. Overall, however, she remains as a well-respected actress with plenty of movies to her credit and a loving family to come home to. Life is certainly good for Ms. Angelina Jolie.

These famous Hollywood personalities are more established than your electronic cigarette kit brand and are well-renowned for their acting prowess on the screen but also for the other things they do off of it. It’s hard to deny that these people have become role models for many, inspiring some to dream, and encouraging many others to closely track their lives thereby feeding the paparazzi culture.

In the end, it’s hard to dismiss these people simply because of their gravitas. When they speak, many will listen. In that regard, it’s very easy to see how these people are and will continue to be popular for many more years to come.

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